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Hi, I’m Becky Sue. Previously a pastor, eldercare and hospice nursing assistant, I became a full-time babysitting Grandma, freelance speaker, and writer in 2016. I’m captivated by writing to encourage, strengthen, and share Jesus.

My Recent Posts

Doin’ a new thing

On February 1st, 2021, I finished writing my first novel! God laid this story on my heart years ago, and during the wilderness of the pandemic, he made a way! How exciting to get to The End, 88K, 319 pages, and 40 chapters later! I am about to do a new thing; now it springs…

The shot…finally

Today, I dropped my 77 year old husband off at a public health vaccine clinic for his first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19. I can finally exhale the breath I’ve been holding for the past year.  I was one of those people you cursed, I was never short of toilet paper. Not because of…

There is always hope

How can we throw a life raft to those who are struggling to stay afloat?

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